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‘Contactless’ ways to move house: Self-filmed video viewings

As a responsible local estate agent, we’re working remotely to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, we’re rising to the challenge presented by the coronavirus and are now able to offer all sellers and landlords the option of self-filming video viewings for your property.

All you need is your smartphone (or other wireless device) and our instructions (ask your local branch for a copy). We’ve put together some hints and tips for filming your tour:

  • Before filming, take a step back and view your property through a potential buyer or renter’s eyes. Think about what areas you would want a tour to focus on. Consider filming the view out of the windows to give viewers a feel for the property location.
  • Take your video during the day. Turn on the lights if it’s a dull day.
  • Film in landscape to capture as much of your property as possible.
  • Pan around each room slowly and steadily. Use two hands to hold your device to keep it steady.
  • If the whole family is home due to the outbreak, try taking separate videos of each room for our marketing team to edit.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our video viewings.

Speak to our team for more information on ‘contactless’ selling, letting, buying and renting.

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Anna Hinchcliffe

Written by

Anna Hinchcliffe

Head of Marketing

Anna is responsible for Emsleys Estate Agents' marketing, including digital, social media, branding and content.