How to hygge your home

Although the weather has been kind to us recently, the winter season isn’t quite over yet. The concept of ‘hygge’ has been spreading over the last few years – but what is it and how can you hygge your home?

‘Hygge’ is a Danish term for wellbeing, cosiness and togetherness. It has no literal translation in English but can describe a feeling or mood – think mindfulness and simplicity. Examples include reading a book or spending time with friends by a roaring fire, or enjoying a hot bath with bubbles and candles.

We’ve put together some tips for hygge-ing your home:

  1. Stock up on candles. There’s nothing better than the warm, soft flicker of candles on a cold wintery evening.
  2. Focus on the fireplace. Is your television the centre point of your lounge? Try arranging your sofas around the fireplace instead for a cosy, warm room to relax in alone or with family and friends.
  3. Stick to softer lighting. Add instant cosiness to your living spaces with table lamps or floor lamps rather than bright overhead lighting.
  4. Create your own nook. Find a cosy corner, add a comfortable chair, blankets and books to create an area of calm and relaxation. Maybe ban the technology, too!
  5. Layer different textures. Add cushions, throws and rugs in the lounge and bedrooms, mixing different fabrics and textures to create a feeling of warmth.
  6. Simplicity is key. Small, inexpensive additions such as your favourite photographs will instantly lift your mood. Enjoying the simple things is what hygge is all about.
  7. Add a touch of nature. Freshen up your space with botanical touches such as herbs in the kitchen, a bunch of flowers on the table or a plant in the lounge.
  8. Invest in a book shelf. For the ultimate hygge home, make sure your books take centre stage. Show off your collection of classics or display your hygge books with pride.

If you’re looking to sell your home, you could think about adding touches of hygge – especially for viewings. For more advice on selling a property, contact our team on 0113 201 4040 or complete our contact form.

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Written by

Anna Hinchcliffe

Marketing Manager