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Looking for a new hobby? Grow your own vegetables this spring

Now that schools have closed across the UK and we’re having to become accustomed to social distancing and self-isolation during 'lockdown', you may be looking for a new hobby for you and your children.

Growing your own vegetables is very rewarding. There are a whole range of benefits such as great value for money, better taste than mass produced goods and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

You don’t need an allotment or a huge garden to grow vegetables as many will happily grow in pots on your patio or balcony. Any container will do, as long as it’s clean and has holes in the bottom for drainage. Be creative – you could use old buckets, planters, troughs, hanging baskets, wellington boots etc.

Check seed packets for information on the size of a plant and whether it needs support. Beans, peas and even some tomato plants will do well in hanging baskets (yes, really!). Potatoes need room but can be grown in buckets or grow bags. Carrots, beetroot, parsnips can all be grown in pots and harvested as baby veg or left to mature to full size. Seeds can be grown in succession so that you have one set of plants planted and the next batch of seeds sown ready to replace them. It’s all about trial and error, but it’s easy once you know how.

The main thing to remember is that you need soil-based compost as multi-purpose dries out too quickly and is light so a dry pot will topple in the wind. Lots of water is required in the hot months and some shade for produce such as salad leaves.

For more information and advice, visit RHS’s ‘Grow Your Own’ section of their website.

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Written by

Wendy Croy

Lettings Team