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Inventory / Check-In / Check-Out

Where Emsleys Estate Agents’ Lettings and Property Management team is managing the property, you will be supplied with an inventory at the outset of the tenancy. You will have 7 days to check this inventory and return it with any comments or amendments you may wish it make. If you do not return it in 7 days we will deem that you have accepted the inventory given to you.

This inventory will be used to check you out of the property when you leave. We will make an allowance for fair wear and tear for the length of time you have been living at the property but we would always encourage tenants to ensure the property has been thoroughly cleaned when they leave. If you have a pet you should have the carpets professionally cleaned and de-odourised. This will reduce the chance of any dispute occurring.

In cases where the landlord is managing their own property, you will be supplied with an inventory and you should ensure you check and return this to them within 7 days of the tenancy starting. Your landlord will undertake the check out of the property when you leave.

If the landlord is managing the property but Emsleys Estate Agents have registered the deposit, the landlord will still undertake the check out and we will need you and the landlord to provide details of the return of the monies. We will also need you to provide us with your bank details for payment.

If a dispute arises we would refer you to the details of the scheme as given to you at the outset of your tenancy.

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