What are the requirements of a landlord?

•  Provide a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

•  Provide a valid Gas Safety Certificate. This needs to be reissued annually.

•  Provide a copy of the latest Government’s Guide – How to Rent.

•  Provide the tenant with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme paperwork.

•  Insure the building and the landlord’s contents.

•  Fit working smoke alarms on every floor.

•  Fit working carbon monoxide alarms in rooms using solid fuel.

•  Maintain the structure of the property, appliances and furniture (where applicable).

•  Carry out most repairs, if something is not working, in a timely manner.

•  Give at least 24 hours’ notice of visits to the tenant. A landlord or agent cannot access a property whenever they like.

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