Enhanced Professional Photography and Videography

If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to make sure it stands out from the crowd and impresses potential buyers – especially on busy online property platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla and Boomin.

Enhanced photography and/or videography showcases your property’s best features and angles – from elevated exterior shots, to aerial photos and videos.

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Standard enhanced photography (including elevated front exterior shots)

Our standard package includes elevated exterior shots – making sure your buyer can really connect with your property.

Exterior photo taken at street level (left) versus elevated photography (right)

Premium enhanced photography (including aerial shots)

Is your home set in extensive land or landscaped gardens? Perhaps it’s located in a particularly unique or picturesque setting? Aerial photography illustrates the lifestyle associated with your property.

Our professional photographer will attend your property with a drone to produce still images and video from the air.

Examples of aerial photography

Standard enhanced property videos

Invite potential buyers into your home without even having to open the front door.

Our professional videographer will tell your home’s story: from a tour of the garden, to a walkthrough of the interior.

Property videos can be publicly available or private (buyers will need to request access). Speak to our team for more details.

Click here to view an example video

Premium enhanced property videos

Our premium package couples drone photography with aerial video footage to really bring your property to life. This option is ideal for homes with land or in a private or outlying location.

Click here to see an example


How long are enhanced photography and videography appointments?

Appointments for enhanced photos or videos typically take 45 minutes. If you book both photos and videos, the photographer will need a minimum of 2 hours of your time.

Are enhanced photos/videos edited?

Yes. Our photographer carefully edits all photos and videos using Adobe software. External photos are enhanced with a blue sky, whilst internal photos are kept light and bright.

Please note: the photo editing will never mislead a potential buyer – only minor, superficial tweaks are made eg family photos are blurred, weeds removed, a mark on a curtain removed etc. Homes will never be edited in a way to add value e.g. remove a pylon from the field behind, or remove or enhance parts of the structure of the property etc.

How can I get the most out of my photography/videography appointment?

We recommend making sure your home is as tidy as possible before the appointment. This ensures your property is marketed in the best possible light and keeps your appointment time to a minimum. For external shots, cars should be removed from the driveway and ideally children’s toys and other large garden items should be hidden or moved.

How do you take aerial footage?

Our photographer uses a drone to take photos and videos from the air. If your property lies in a flight restriction zone (near to an airport, for example), our photographer will need to arrange permission. This doesn't cost anything, but please allow time for this to be arranged. If there are no flight restrictions, we just need your permission to fly a drone around and over your property.

Our photographer has public liability insurance in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong.

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